22 May 2016

Centumcellae (Italy)

Kaart Centumcellae klein

Centumcellae, the present Civitavecchia on the west coast of Italy, was founded by the Etruscans. Between the years 103 and 110 AD Trajan ordered the building of a harbour to relieve the harbour of Claudius (Portus), the capacity of which was not sufficient in those days. The architect was probably Apollodorus of Damascus.

The harbour was mentioned for the first time in 107 AD by Pliny the Younger, who spoke about the greatness of the harbour.

The port had two curved moles and, like Portus, a lighthouse. The harbour included navalia (docks for the maintenance of the ships), a darsena (small basin), horrea (warehouses), and baths. Of the latter, the Terme Taurine (also called Baths of Trajan), extensive remains can still be found outside Civitavecchia. From the Monti di Tolfa water was brought into the city by an aqueduct.

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