17 Sep 2021

Antica barca romana cucita scoperta sotto il lungomare di Parenzo (Inglese)

Part of the boat's hull with ropes between the planks.(Photo: Grad Poreč)

by croatiaweek

Istrian archaeologists have excavated an ancient wooden boat dating back two thousand years from under the Poreč waterfront. The archaeological finding, the biggest in the last 30 years, is significant because the boat is well preserved and has many elements that are very rarely seen. The results of the research were presented on Monday by the director of the National Museum of Poreč Elena Uljančić, archaeologist Klaudia Bartolić Sirotić, the staff of the Local Museum, historian Gaetano Benčić, archeologists Davor Munda, Aleksandra Pajić and Marko Uhač from the Conservation Department of Pula and Mayor Loris Peršurić.
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