07 Sep 2020

1600-Year-Old Cargo of a Roman Merchant Ship has been Discovered in Caesarea (Inglese)

Ostia Basilica

1600-Year-Old Cargo of a Roman Merchant Ship has been Discovered in Caesarea
The two divers knew they discovered something unique on the Mediterranean Sea in the shallow waters of the ancient Roman port of Caesarea. What they didn’t understand was that they found a 1600-year-old shipwreck whose precious cargo was still in the remains of the deteriorating wooden hold. An underwater survey has revealed the extent of the find.

Read more at https://most-interestingthings.com/1600-year-old-cargo-of-a-roman-merchant-ship-has-been-discovered-in-caesarea/?fbclid=IwAR10ezlL_Ixh6Rorp-qg49QLWHRlS_4IgZYx2SjyPmFrCzZkw_w0gbdYoXU

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