Statutes & objectives

These are the highlights of the by-laws of Roman Ports 

  1. Roman Ports is a foundation with an international character located and registered in the Netherlands
  2. The Foundation's aim is to promote, at the international level, the knowledge, study and publication of the cultural heritage of the Roman Ostia Antica, Portus, all other Roman ports and environs for the widest possible audience.
  3. The Foundation shall endeavor to reach its goal by setting up social media pages for the purpose of communication with all those interested in this topic and creating a website where articles, videos, interviews, etc. regularly will promote the several Roman Ports. The Foundation may use other communication channels for the design and implementation of specific projects and by creating a network of organizations with similar objectives.
  4. The Foundation shall be expressly not profit-making.
  5. The Foundation’s financial means shall consist of the following:
    •   Subsidies, donations and donors.
    •   Testamentary dispositions, legacies and donations.
    •   All other gifts and benefits.
  6. The board of the Foundation consist of the board members (see category ‘board’). Members of the board shall never be employed by the Foundation.
  7. Only board members have the right to pass solutions. Solutions will be taken by the majority of the board. (Suggestions from outside the board are always welcome)
  8. The Board is charged with managing the Foundation. The Board shall have the power to conclude contracts, make purchases, and dispose of registered property. The Board is not competent to conclude contracts in which the Foundation itself is guarantor or severally connects itself, or to guarantee the debt of a third party.
  9. The Board represents the Foundation in and out of court. The power of representation is vested in the Chair together with the Secretary, or the Chair together with the Treasurer, or absent that, their deputies appointed for that purpose by the Board from among its members.
  10. If there is a vacancy in the board everybody can run for election. The present board members will decide.
  11. The Board shall examine the audit as prepared by a financial expert who reports his findings to the Board. The annual documents are adopted by the Board after it has taken note of the report by the external expert.
  12. The Board shall have the power to establish rules for settling issues which are not contained in these by-laws. The rules of procedure shall not be in conflict with local, state or federal law or these by-laws. The Board shall be entitled at any time to change or eliminate the rules.
  13. The Board shall have the power to amend these statutes.

(NB. If you like to read the complete statutes please contact us)

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